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2012? No, the world actually ended 20 years ago when U.S. won the Cold War


The Mayan calendar that many say predicted the end of the world this December of 2012 was a little off.  Actually, it was quite late. In truth, the world ended approximately two decades ago.  Oh, we are still physically here and breathing.  But what are we?  Who are we?  Is this really the  phenomenon that we call living?

We had a fairly balanced world.  We had progress in human relations, respect for the human dignity of others, people becoming free from oppression.  We had the rule of law, international law.  We had a semblance of civilization.  We had human rights.

Basically, civilization can only happen when those with power respect the laws founded by mankind to prevent abuses…international law, the Geneva Convention, the UN Declaration of Human Rights are examples.  The inviolability of borders, respect for one’s neighbors.

However, it just so happened that one powerful country went mad.  Mad with the lust for power and resources.  It decided that it is not bound by such laws.  It decided that, like its capitalist social system, it would operate on the law of the jungle. …

And the world has changed…ended as we know it because people remain largely silent, perhaps turned into zombies by a Goebbels-like corporate media.  They remain apathetic while the world as we knew it, civilization, is collapsing around them.


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