Author: Christians in West just don’t care about slaughter of Christians elsewhere

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[A new book contends that] Western Christians don’t care enough about the threat posed by the Islamic State [of Iraq and Levant], which is attempting to wipe out Christianity in the Middle East.

“I am convinced that one of the reasons why Christians in the West haven’t been more supportive of Christians in the East is not that they don’t care about the situation, they just chose not to care for it,” [said Evangelical author and former vice president of Liberty University, Johnnie Moore]. “It is just not relevant to their lives. Everybody has their own lives, and their own problems, and their own jobs, and kids and all these things.”

SlaughterMoore traveled to the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq last October to hear first-hand accounts from refugees on how barbarically ISIL treated Christians when it took over much of its territory in Syria and Iraq last summer. … “We are watching a once-in-a-thousand-year crisis. We are witnessing the elimination of ancient Christian communities from the Middle East, communities that thrived for over 2,000 years,” Moore explained. “And, it is happening under the watchful eyes of the West and all the sensible nations of this world. If we don’t do something about it, we are going to be responsible for it.”

Although Iraq used to be home to over 1.5 million Christians, only 10 percent of those Christians remain in the region. As more and more Christians are fleeing from the area, Moore says that the Christian communities that were once home to many biblical figures, like the prophet Jonah and Abraham, are now on the verge of extinction along with Jesus’ native language of Aramaic. …

Moore reasoned that Christians in the West may also not care enough about the dire situations of Mideast Christians under ISIL’s rule because the media has downplayed the threat the group poses to Christianity. … Although Christians in America might wonder how they are directly affected by the decline of Christianity in the Middle East, Moore warned that if action is not taken to stop ISIL in Iraq and Syria, the threat will ultimately reach the American homeland.


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