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Ayes have it: ‘Bill Clinton’ replaces ‘God’ in Democrats platform

[Irony alert: Readers without senses of humor are advised that this is no joke.]

Reacting to the chorus of praise for the convention speech delivered by Bill Clinton, Democrats hastily voted to change their party platform for a second time in less than a week, replacing the word “God” with the words “Bill Clinton.”
Moments after convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa formally gaveled in the change, Democratic lawmakers burst into cheer – with some even pushing to name Hope, Ark., the birthplace of Mr. Clinton, as the capital of Israel.
Mr. Villaraigosa called the vote three times, allowing him and his fellow Democrats to linger a little longer in the afterglow of contentment Mr. Clinton’s convention performance had delivered.
And when Mr. Villaraigosa finally announced, “the ays have it,” boisterous chants of “Bill, Bill, Bill” erupted from the gathering of Democrats, who had convened in front of the Jefferson Memorial for the occasion, their numbers spilling across the south bank of the Tidal Basin and into downtown Washington, D.C. …

In voting to put the words “Bill Clinton” in the platform, the Democrats amended a section to say that it is the government’s role to help people reach their “Bill Clinton-given potential.”


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