Daily Nuggets – Page 8 – COSMIC TRIBUNE
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Daily Nuggets

Drive in the country

countryGet out of town and drive through the hinterlands. Try to find places where there are not even jet contrails in the sky. Fly-over country is too splendid. Try the Carolinas if you are on the East Coast. Turn on… Continue reading

Human Incompetence Theory

People’s accomplishments are overrated. Lifetime achievement awards? Please.

We are born unable to control bodily functions and exit similarly. The zenith of human existence occurs when one transcends loser status and mates only to give birth to adorable organisms subsequently… Continue reading

Nuggets: Perspective

Life outside the cubicle . . .Simply amazing!

Click here. Then click on ‘Start’. Move the toggle button to the left or right…

  • Is a silent God speaking through the weather?
  • The outstanding Omega Centauri, largest and brightest star cluster in our Milky Way
  • July 1969: 'The heavens have become a part of man’s world'
  • Brazilian exorcists under investigation for engaging with Satan: 'The Vatican? It's mine, mine!'
  • How our galaxy would look from the side
  • Another supernova explodes in a galaxy know for them
  • First Satanic monument on public property to be erected at veterans memorial park