Ex-Muslim: A pastor’s nightmarish conversion experience

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Just three weeks after arriving in the United States from Kuwait, Naeem Fazal was at his brother’s house … ready to get some sleep.

Ex-MuslimFazal, who was still a Muslim when he relocated to South Carolina following the devastating Gulf War, returned that night from attending a campus ministry event with his Christian brother. He was about to experience one of the most terrifying experiences of his life. … “Something grabbed me and dragged me and pinned me to my pillow.” … Petrified, and aware of an “evil” presence in the room, Fazal began to scream … [but] he could not hear his own voice. Then the door opened.

“So this thing walked in and I just sort of instantly knew it was a demon and it started speaking to me. It said, ‘I’m going to kill you. You’re going to die tonight.'”

Pastor Fazal’s story, which he believes was not simply a nightmare, from that night in 1992 is a part of his supernatural testimony and the focus of his recently released memoir Ex-Muslim: How One Daring Prayer to Jesus Changed a Life Forever.


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