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The Basics goes where earthbound news sites dare not and yet in a disciplined and objective manner consistent with its character as an independent news site.

In theory all U.S.-based news organizations are “independent” and “objective”. Observant readers might notice however that major swaths of the observable universe are not considered “newsworthy”.

Consider as only a couple of examples the decline of religion coverage in the American press and the unchallenged dominance of materialism and Darwinism in the news menu.

Should not the “independent” media apply the disciplines of news gathering and reporting to all subject matters of interest to their audiences? Yes, absolutely!

Our editors accept principles compatible with those of the American founding fathers and the natural law tradition of ethics, but entertain coverage of all topics deemed newsworthy.

We hope you enjoy CosmicTribune and will join our contributing editors and readers in a constantly-new adventure of discovery and enlightenment!

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