‘Savage’ radio talk on Robin Williams dissuades listener from copycat suicide

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Mental health experts often fear a “copycat” effect after a celebrity commits suicide. So when beloved entertainer Robin Williams took his own life Monday, the possibility of similar suicides became part of the national conversation.

SavageNationRadio talker Michael Savage may have helped one such person take a different path. Savage took a phone call this week from Joe, a depressed man who seriously considered taking his own life. After all, if a wealthy star like Williams could commit suicide,” “why not me?” Joe thought.

Savage anticipated that thinking. On Tuesday, he asked his listeners to consider the act’s impact on family members, saying suicidal people aren’t thinking enough about their loved ones. Joe heard the talker’s message and called in Wednesday.

“Your show yesterday – I’m not going to say prevented me – but it did make me think about my kids and my wife,” the caller said …. “Imagine what their lives would be going forward if their father was found dead with a gunshot to his head,” Savage said.

Joe also shared that he had been dealing with money woes, prompting Savage to ask listeners to donate to the caller via his Savage Legal Defense Fund.


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