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Testing Uri Gellar’s powers

By the time Uri arrived at the apartment the next afternoon, all of my equipment was operative and in place.  Two of my Israeli friends were present, Jacov and Ms. Shifra Mor.  I began by asking Uri to show me those talents of his that he felt the most sure of and to do them in his own way.  Uri said he would like to do some simple telepathy for me.  He said, “Think of one number from one to nine.  Don’t tell anyone.  Just keep it in mind.  Got it?”

“Yes,” I said.  I had thought of the number four.

“Now think of another number.”

“I have it,” said I, having thought of the number three.

“Now the last number,” Uri said.

I had selected two for this number.

Uri looked at me intently as though he were checking his own impressions.  Then he said very abruptly to me, “Pick up the pad on the table before you, the one I wrote on before you selected your first number.  Did you notice that I had written on it then and haven’t touched it since?”

“Yes, Uri, I noticed what you had done and that you haven’t touched it since or tried to switch it.  After all, that is part of my business as an investigator.”

I picked up the pad, which was face down, turned it over, and read what Uri had written down before I had thought of my first number.  It read, “4 3 2.”

Uri laughed, obviously pleased with his coup.

I responded with some admiration, “That’s pretty clever; you told me this would be telepathy, and I, of course, thought you were going to be the receiver.  But you pulled a switch on me.”


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