Wichita boy finds photo of deceased uncle in Polaroid he bought for $1 at garage sale – COSMIC TRIBUNE
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Wichita boy finds photo of deceased uncle in Polaroid he bought for $1 at garage sale

Addison Logan, 13, probably wouldn’t have gone to the garage sale Thursday if he hadn’t broken his arm in a dirt bike accident a couple of weeks ago.

Addison Logan, 13, bought an old Polaroid camera at a garage sale Thursday, May 24, 2012, and said he opened it when he got home to discover a photograph inside. He showed it to his grandmother, Lois Logan who asked where he found the picture. Addison said, "in that old camera." Lois said, "That's your Uncle Scott and a girl he dated when he was about 17." Scott Logan died in a car accident in 1989. The girlfriend in the picture is Susan Ely. / Mike Hutmacher/The Wichita Eagle

He probably would have been riding the bike.

Instead, Addison, who likes garage sales, was driving around to some of them with his grandmother, Lois Logan, in west Wichita. After three stops, he finally found something he wanted to buy. It was an old Polaroid camera at a house about a mile away from his grandmother’s house. He thought the camera was “pretty cool,” he said. He bought it for $1.


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