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The paranormal investigators of central New York

Mike Greenlar/The Post-StandardMembers of the Paranormal Investigators of Central New York. group together with some of their detection and recording devices, inside the Wayside Irish Pub in Elbridge. L to R Mike Doyle, Shawn DiBello, Steven Brewer, Chris Vermeulen, Shawn Davis, Cathy Davis and Dan Edersheim. All are from Auburn. / Mike Greenlar/The Post-Standard

Voices heard in empty rooms. Feelings of being watched when alone. Objects moving when nothing is touching them. People seen one moment then gone the next. It seems that as long as humanity has existed the paranormal has sat just outside of our understanding of the universe beckoning to be explored by those who hear its call.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Steven Brewer and I am a paranormal investigator or better known as a ghost hunter. Growing up in the area I did experience a lot of paranormal phenomena such as turning off the tv and lights in a room and when I returned the lights, the radio, the tv, VCR and fans were all turned on. I would set something down and when I returned it would be gone but when I came back to the location it would be set in a way that it was almost jumping out at me.

These events among others lead me to research the paranormal in my adolescence and for 5 years I researched and studied the paranormal and the investigation of it. When I turned 18 I decided to create a team in my hometown of Auburn which I did on March 31st, 2008 with my sister Melissa and then brother in law Jay. A few months later we merged with another local team lead by Shawn DiBello which formed the team as it is today.

The purpose of the Paranormal Investigators of Central New York or PICNY for short is to help those affected by a haunting understand what is happening to them and to help them address what is happening. To date we have conducted 50 investigations in 30 different locations and have experienced things that have turned skeptics who were present into believers.

. . . . PICNY does approach the paranormal with a scientific mindset and we go into every investigation trying to debunk any claims of activity, we even try to debunk our own experiences inside the location. We do this mostly because there are many things that are believed to be paranormal in nature but are in fact natural such as the feeling of being watched.

. . . . We do take our investigations seriously and operate the team like a business. We try to get back to our clients as fast as possible after each investigation so we can hopefully help them quickly. We also do take confidentiality very serious for our clients, we will not disclose any information about private residence locations.

. . . . PICNY is proud to be given the opportunity to serve the Central New York and Finger Lakes regions of New York and we look forward to continuing to help those who ask us.

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