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Ben Stein on neo-Darwinists, ‘Expelled’ and intelligent design

Ben Stein

Here we are in Sandpoint, still. I awakened at about 4 AM because the sky was light. Yes, it stays bright most of the day and night and daybreak is early because we are so far north. …

Ben Stein engages in a staring contest with a statue of Charles Darwin in "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed." / expelledthemovie.com

Then, off to Walmart to pick up some film enlargements from last summer. … I ran into so many kind, friendly people there, too. Many Christians came up to me to thank me for Expelled​. That is the movie I worked on asking why there could not at least be discussion of “intelligent design,” the possibility that life was designed by an intelligent designer, not by accident and random happenings. I little dreamed so many people would see that movie, but they sure did. Sincere, kindly people. Not like some of the thugs who hated it, the bullies and Thought Police who simply will not permit any thoughts except what The Party says to say, that there could be no God and that only random chance determines everything.

Really? Then where do the laws of physics come from? Where does the first cell come from? Where do the laws of thermodynamics come from? Physical laws ? By chance? That’s rich. Life, actual life, by chance? How can anyone believe that?

However, I could be wrong about all of this. I am often wrong. That’s what it means to be human. But the neo-Darwinists can never be wrong. That’s what The Party says. Well, I am sure some of the people who were exercised about Expelled were fine people. Maybe they were all fine people. You are just not allowed to disagree with them. That’s Thought crime.

Thought crime does not entail death. Thought crime is death. So says The Party. Thank you, George Orwell.


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