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Wife of slain Nigerian senator prays his sacrifice can bring peace

WIFE of the late Senator Gyang Dantong who died along with others in an attack by a terrorist group during a burial procession in Barkin-Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State on Sunday, Mrs Hannatu Dantong, has stated that if the death of her husband was the sacrifice that would bring peace to Beromland, Plateau State and Nigeria as a whole, she would give God the glory.

From left, Hannatu, wife of the slain Sen. Gyang Dantong, her son Dang and Senate President David Mark on July 8, 2012.

The widow of the late senator, who stated this while receiving the wife of the Senate President, Mrs Helen Mark, during her condolence visit on Wednesday, regretted that her colleagues were visiting her for the second time, not for celebration, but for commiseration.

“The first was in 2009 when I lost my son. You all rallied around me and I remember that day vividly. Little did I know that another episode would take place; I wish it were a different thing.

“I give God the glory. God has silently been speaking to me and I told Him that if this is the one big sacrifice that will bring peace to Beromland, Plateau State and Nigeria, I return all the glory to Him.

“If my husband has become the sacrificial lamb, with his dear friend, Gyang Fulani, we glorify God for it,” she said.

Speaking earlier, wife of the Senate President, Mrs  Mark  condemned the spate of killings in Plateau and called on those behind the act to ceasefire and embrace peace, saying that God did not make a mistake in creating Nigeria as one country.


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