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Ayn Rand’s cosmic view, and Paul Ryan’s

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan has been labeled by some in the media as a “Randite.” … In a Tuesday interview with Fox News’ Brit Hume, Ryan provided a more nuanced view, explaining the parts of Rand’s philosophy that he appreciated and the parts of her philosophy that he rejects. …

Republican vice presidential candidate Representative Paul Ryan speaks during a campaign rally at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on Aug. 15. / Aaron Bernstein / Reuters

Ryan noted that Rand, who was born in Russia in 1905, had been exposed to communism. He found her novels “very compelling” in the message that “freedom, free enterprise, liberty, is so much better than totalitarianism, than socialism.”

There are other parts of Rand’s philosophy, though, that Ryan said he rejects.

“I later in life learned about what her philosophy was,” Ryan said, “It’s called objectivism. It’s something I completely disagree with. It’s an atheistic philosophy.”


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