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Finding the messiah in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The Hebrew month of Av contains many contradictions and competing emotions. …

Christian Bale as Batman in 'The Dark Knight Rises.' / AP

One way that we find comfort in Av is the claim that the messiah, the one who will bring redemption to the Jewish people and peace to the entire world, will be born on Tisha B’Av. …

Like many of my peers, I saw “The Dark Knight Rises” at the beginning of Av, and like many of my peers, I saw a clear Jewish message in the movie. Like with the destructions of the two temples, the movie deals with the negative effects that corrupt leadership has on society. However, in The Dark Knight Rises, a brave few individuals act against this corruption to try to protect society, while one person, Batman, represents the savior of all of the people. …

At one point in the film, Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, is asked why he does not reveal his identity as Batman in an attempt to clear his name. He answers simply that he wants the people to believe that anyone can be Batman. Rather than expose the superhero as a billionaire with every resource at his disposal, Wayne leaves a message of both hope and action that reminds people that any individual can make a difference. So it should be with the Jewish concept of the messiah.


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