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Democrats’ boo-God moment did not go down well with many Black, Latino faithful

Political analysts tracking the mood of minority groups such as African Americans and Latinos, especially those within the church community, say the Democrats did themselves no favor when it came to matters of faith during the national convention.

Delegates hold a signs during the final session of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina Sept. 6. Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

Black and Latino Christians have been put in a difficult position over the DNC platform, according to several stories posted at BCNN1.com, an online site “dedicated to reporting breaking news from a black, Christian perspective for the glory of God.”

The news site, also found online at blackchristiannews.com has pooled news from other media showing that some Christian leaders in minority communities are not too happy with the apparent “progressive shift” to a more secular Democratic Party.

“My message is this could cost us our election,” said Fernando Cabrera, a New York pastor and a city council member from the Bronx. “I see myself as a reformer, and I’m hoping that we can put enough pressure (on the party). And as you know one of the biggest issues is gay marriage.”

As was first reported by CBN News, Cabrera believes a pro-life stance and support of traditional marriage are views that members of the Latino and other minority communities hold high.


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