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God help us! Why would He ask us to choose between Obama and Romney?

If Mitt Romney is elected president of the United States, his religion, a serious, cultic distortion of the Bible and history in the eyes of many evangelicals, will have new standing and credibility, and likely experience an acceleration of its already fast expansion. …

If President Obama is re-elected he will continue the overturning of a value-system often in direct contradiction with biblically aligned morality and ethics, including expansion of abortion, and official affirmation of same-sex marriage. …

Why would God give us either of these men? …

There are a couple of reasons apparent in the Bible, and probably many more in the yet hidden mysteries of God. First, God will raise up national leaders in the best interests of His Kingdom and its advance in the world. Jesus reveals in Matthew 24:14 that the expansion of His Kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17) is the whole point of history. …

Second, the accumulation of judgment for the sins of a nation will determine the type of leader God will raise up. There is a point of “fullness” of sins (Genesis 15:16) where the perfect mercy of God must give way to the perfect justice of God. This occurs when a nation rejects God despite His pleadings and prophetic warnings. That judgment may be in the form of a national leader who guides the country into disaster, leading to people waking up and turning back to the Lord and His gracious ways.


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