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Purity vow ‘to meet God’s expectations’ unites daughters, fathers and future mates

Dressed in pure white from head to toe and escorted by their fathers, the eight girls in the God’s Girls Ministry who participated in a Purity Ring Ceremony vowed to lead a life of purity and to abstain from sexual relations until marriage. …

A group of dads and their daughters during the God’s Girls Ministry Purity Ring Ceremony. / Brad McClenny / Special to the Guardian

During the ceremony held last Sunday at Mount Carmel Baptist Church, the participants took the following vow: “I promise God, my future mate, and myself to keep my mind and body morally clean and pure so that when I enter the marriage covenant, I will be able to give myself with a completely clean conscience to my mate.”

Janice Johnson, director of God’s Girls Ministry, said the participants worked for two months to learn what it means to be pure, clean and to meet God’s expectations. …

The fathers lit a candle to represent the union between father and daughter. “It solidifies the vow they made before God and their parents,” Johnson said.


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