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Quiet apocalypses, up close and personal

You wake up one morning and discover that the only safeguard standing between you and impending death has been obliterated. Death is coming. It is relentless and swift. You have three weeks remaining. Suddenly, years lose their meaning. Every second counts. How will you spend them? This is the scenario constructed in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. …

The fact is that we do live in an often-terrifying world. That many in the West live in relative peace compared to the violent hot spots on the globe is little consolation. Just pick up a newspaper, and story after story of human loss and tragedy will parade before you. The Bible describes the world as engulfed in sin, and compares us to grass, which springs up and then withers away. The question is not how will we die, but how will we live in the midst of a dark and troubling world? …

We are interested in the end of the world because we recognize that this will mean an end to us; all of us. Unlike Deep Impact, 2012, or Knowing, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World does not focus on spectacle. There are no super-volcanoes erupting or mile-high waves inundating the earth. It is mostly a quiet, personal film about how we approach impending death. In that regard, it is a much more useful film than many other apocalyptic films. It forces us to ask ourselves, with which path do I most closely identify? Why choose this path over that one? Is there a God and, when I die, will I face Him? And if so, what will I say? How will I account for this life that I have led?


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