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The 2012 apocalypse? It’s already happened

Without even worrying about the Mayan calendar, the words of Nostradamus, the prophetic dreams of Daniel or the revelation made to John, I have taken the definition to heart and concluded that we have experienced the apocalypse.

To say that we have spent the past decade or so in an atmosphere of falsehood and misconception doesn’t seem too farfetched. The numerous banking scandals and financial collapses; the extreme polarization and ethical scandals of politicians; the widespread rioting and protesting of people who feel betrayed and unrepresented by their leaders. Indeed, people the world over have been plagued by the consequence of an era governed by falsehoods and misconceptions.

2012 seems to be the year that many of those issues came to a head. A previously hidden (or perhaps just ignored) understanding that the derivation of the London Interbank Offered Rate is a vastly outdated method, based on a time when banks borrowed primarily from each other; that a unified European currency may have been a bad idea; that lending practices and calculation of risk have become too far removed from the consequences of their failure; and, most importantly, that the electorate, or even those citizens and residents denied the right to vote, will respond. The people of the world, from Syria to Oakland, have made their voices heard; from Occupy to the Arab Spring, even those who were previously disenfranchised, have stopped hiding their discontent and have brought about a vast reconsideration of the systems and forces governing our world.


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