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Art Bell returns, ‘Coast to Coast’, with a show that prefers the paranormal to ‘boring’ politics

Today, the radio host is known as the creator of “Coast to Coast AM,” the national show dedicated to the paranormal and fringes of science, which in its heyday was one of the most popular programs on radio. ….
artbellArt Bell, 68, has not been on air regularly since 2003 and is coming out of retirement for a new show on SiriusXM that launched earlier this month from his home studio in Pahrump


Bell, a 2008 inductee into the National Radio Hall of Fame, has a loyal following, and is long past his “young and crazy” days of wild promotions to gain audience. During its peak in the ’90s, “Coast to Coast” was heard on 500 radio stations and reached an estimated 15 million listeners nightly.
“Politics choked me to death,” he said. “It gets heated, and you go around in circles and circles. It’s like banging your head against a wall. Honest to God, it gets boring after a while. So, I was at KDWN and I said, ‘I can’t stand it anymore.’ I tried something else, it took off and away we went.”….
Bell said his show would shy away from politics and cover the paranormal, ghosts, theoretical science and other topics familiar to old fans. As he did when he was regular host of “Coast to Coast AM,” he will have a special Halloween episode dedicated to ghost stories from callers.



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