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Reviewers find spiritual dimension in hit film ‘Gravity’


It has picked up almost universally positive reviews and is being tipped for Oscars glory next year. Now Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity has begun to pick up praise from a surprising source – Christian critics who say the 3D space spectacular celebrates the presence of God in the universe.

Actress Sandra Bullock in 'Gravity'.

Actress Sandra Bullock in ‘Gravity’.

Paul Asay of the Christian review blog Plugged In said Gravity showed “the paradoxes of the Christian faith echoed on the screen” and appeared to reference resurrection themes, the concept of a personal interaction with God and of hope in the afterlife. …

Craig Detweiler, described as an author, filmmaker, cultural commentator, and associate professor of Communication at Pepperdine University, said the film was explicitly “theistic.”

“She literally says thank you,” the reviewer told the Christian Post. “You don’t hear God called by name, but she does address characters on the other side of life in heaven, clearly believes in an afterlife, and clearly expresses thanks to an unnamed almighty.”

Detweiler said Gravity dealt with “life’s ultimate questions – why we are here, why live, what happens after we die”. He added: “It takes grief seriously and encourages us to press on because of the promise of eternal life.”



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