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Letter: Who is God?


Who is God?

There are many experts on this question  including those who say they talk with God or in fact are God.

Most Americans wouldn’t say they are experts on the subject but assume there is a God and that He is on their side or would be if all considerations were considered.

HimselfEverything is debatable but just think you are going to die before you can finish reading this. There would be no time to waste. I would be compelled to cut to the chase. Here is the situation:

God is the Creator. He made galaxy clusters, the Milky Way, the sun, the Earth, the moon, the first ancestors, free will and you.

Free will. That gives a whole new dimension to being made “in the image of God”. Human beings are awesome, random, scary. Flip of the coin. Your call. Eat the apple, don’t eat the apple, follow the Messiah, crucify the one who sticks out.

God is Love. Once you experience that, you don’t have Faith, you have a Relationship.

If you haven’t experienced that, then the question is not ‘Who’ is God, but ‘Whether’.

God Loves you, and He loves your worst enemy. That’s the good news, the bad news and the key to world peace.

God may have kicked Satan out of the Garden of Eden, according to the word of God, the Bible, but the same book refers to Satan as the god of this world. That means Garden of Eden is no longer over there where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet. More to the point, God cannot live in the world he created for His children.

Coexist? No. Not possible.

The implications are not what most believers believe. If God’s world was hijacked, the place that should have been his home is not. He would be trespassing. If you were to see God on Earth, He would be a misfit.

Jesus said he did not have a home in this world. Neither does God. If you met a homeless person who claimed he was God, you might check. He could be telling the truth.

So being God is not such a blessing. If He is Love then He cannot be happy.

He is in love with all His children but cannot live with them. Has He been sitting still on His throne in the 2,000 years since the last words of the Bible were written?

Put yourself in God’s sandals. Would you be sitting still up in Heaven or would you try to infiltrate the Earth, slip around unseen, check in on your children, try to reach them somehow?

Who is God? God is lonely and heartbroken. God is also the origin of Love. God is not dead, aloof, uncaring or distant. And He is coming, not going.

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