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Noah: Brilliant anti-God, tree-hugger propaganda

My thoughts on “Noah” were divided. Overall, the film is a sinister piece of anti-religious filmmaking that is obviously meant to lead people away from God.
Russell Crowe as NoahAdmitted atheist Aronofsky intentionally tries to fool people into believing God wiped out humanity for their wickedness and evil, but only as it pertains to how man treats the environment. Moral and sexual degradation have no part in the equation.
Aronofsky is hoping to lead people to believe that by saving the planet they are right with God and saving their souls, when we all know that the Ten Commandments later handed down by God had nothing to do with tree-hugging. …
The film itself, though, is fabulous. As far as pure entertainment, I thought it was a near-masterpiece, and if asked would have given it an B+. … [In other news]  for a movie that actually is biblical. “God’s Not Dead” amazed Hollywood last weekend with a $9.2 million haul on just 780 screens. Another miracle occurred this weekend: the low-budget story of a Christian student pitted against an atheist teacher could reach $8 million.


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