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Idiots all


Awesome people usually aren’t.

Which is not to say there’s not a spark of divinity in all people who were magic for their own mothers after all. But even the coolest celebrities and world class leaders have no clue about how they got here, how they ended up doing what they’re doing now and where they’re going when they — without a single exception — expire.

Scene from the film 'Idiocracy'.

Scene from the film ‘Idiocracy’.

The various media platforms demonize or lionize individuals based usually on some form of sex appeal or presumed virtue.

Is there really that much difference between how the state media here portray Barack Obama and how the state media in North Korea lionize Kim Jong-Un? Whether you consider them lucky, royalty, messiahs or con artists doesn’t really matter. Take a hard look and be brutally honest. They’re zeroes with huge egos. Their own loyal followers are terrified to say what they really think. You could idolize them, pity them or fear them. But take away their clothes and put them in a holding cell on Riker’s Island and they’re just two more inmates. What they had in common was the inability to resist the invitation when it arrived, on embossed stock, to be named God on Earth.

But why focus on  just these two meglomaniacs. What about the  loonies who actually adore them or the humorless clerics who instruct us on how to prostrate ourselves before them? Who are these people and why do we disgrace ourselves by so eagerly going along with their ludicrous charade?

But then, yes, take a look in the mirror. Do we get the big it? In dark moments of cold stone self awareness the truth can no longer be denied.

This might sound harsh or unkind, but think of it as compassion. It’s much better to achieve humility of one’s own free will in personal reflection than to plunge from celestial heights and suffer eternal public humiliation and ignominy.

So, I say, shut down your electronic minders, walk outside, take a deep breath of natural oxygen, look up at the infinite and untouchable sky and laugh out loud. You have transcended, even for a few moments, the airless and dreary maze of cubicles that is life in the world of effect.

Laugh again with abandon because such liberation is ecstasy of the spirit. And when you return to surreality, thank God for the realization that you don’t know what you’re doing. A lost child is more lovable. Pseudo-sophisticates and celebrities need to understand that they, like us, need to focus on the search for clues that were actually there all along.


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