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New ‘View’, same old media bias


Nicolle Wallace admitted she was a Republican on her first day on The View Monday. … A host of media outlets rushed to tell us just that, even if they forgot to label everyone else on the syndicated talk show. …

ViewIt’s more of the same when it comes to how the media handles politics–and political labels. Liberals are treated as mainstream, while GOP-friendly folks are identified immediately. Even in the case of The View, Wallace’s Republican bona fides couldn’t be sketchier. …

Wallace unwisely kicked things off by “announcing” she was a Republican Monday. Did the rest of the panelists identify their political leanings? How about new show producer Bill Wolff, fresh from his work on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSBNC?

Wallace, like many Republicans eager to curry favor with mainstream press outlets and liberals alike, did her best to ingratiate herself with her new co-hosts. She trashed Palin again to the panel’s delight. Expect more of the same, and more media outlets refusing to affix certain labels where they belong.


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