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Pakistani blogger hopes Malaysian Flight 370 is in fact on the ground in her country

Speculations that MH370 had been hijacked to Pakistan hardly surprised me. Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney appeared on Fox News to explain how he believed the missing airplane could’ve landed ‘safely’ and ‘intact’ in Pakistan to be used for terrorism in the future. …

MH370I wasn’t bothered because I, like most of my country-men, have become immune to the blame game. When satellite images of what could’ve been the wreckage of the doomed aircraft, floating in the southern Indian Ocean, were released by the Australian government, I was mildly relieved. …

Then, a thought crossed my mind: What if MH370 was, in fact, in Pakistan? What would that mean for me, a student studying and living abroad? Would I be able to look my Malaysian and Chinese friends in the eye? For that matter, would I be able to look anyone in the eye? Would I ever be able to convince another person that not all Pakistanis are bad people? What about the people whose views about Pakistan I had not yet managed to change, would they ever take me seriously? ….

If Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney is right about his claims and the plane is for a fact hidden somewhere in Pakistan, it could mean many things; things that could lead to grim consequences for my country. But what it would also mean that there is hope. A glimmer of hope that the passengers of flight MH370 are still alive. … I know that if it would mean that there is still a slight possibility that hundreds of families aren’t ripped apart, then it would be a burden that I, as a Pakistani, am willing to bear.


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