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Pope just said no to lifeline for troubled ‘Noah’, actor’s misleading tweet to the contrary

Yesterday it was made to sound as though after weeks of stalking Pope Francis, “Noah” star Russell Crowe and director Darren Aronosfsky had wrangled some sort of awkward meeting with the Holy Father. Apparently, that wasn’t true.  … there was no meeting:

NoahConflicting reports about the meeting began circulating, but Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said the request from the film’s producers for a private audience was immediately turned down.

Lombardi also informed ‘Noah’ producers that the Pope would not watch the film. Francis is loath to lend such blessings for publicity. Given his sensitivities to the Muslim world — and his upcoming trip to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories — it would seem natural that he would decline any public endorsement of a film that might offend Islamic viewers.

Lombardi said there was no scheduled “meet and greet” after Wednesday’s general audience, when VIPs can often get a quick word with the pope. …This Tweet from Russell Crowe could mislead people into believing “Noah” received the blessing Paramount was after: “Ciao Roma, my love for your eternal light just grows deeper. Thank you holy father @Pontifex for the blessing”


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