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ISIL terrorists called Iraqi nuns for clues to find hidden weapons

Sister Hayat, a 30-year-old Iraqi nun, lived a quiet life of devotion in a Dominican monastery near Mosul, Iraq. She helped care for children in an orphanage and also taught anthropology at a local university. Then ISIL jihadists overran the city.

Sister Hayat“When we realized that running was our only option, all the nuns packed a bag,” she said. “We met in the church and prayed, before kissing the floor one last time and closing the door of the monastery behind us.” …

A few days after fleeing, an ISIL commander called the abbess, Sister Maria, to taunt her. “Just to let you know, I’m sitting in your chair now and am running things here,” he said. Then he demanded to know where the sisters kept their weapons; he couldn’t conceive that such an important building in the community would be without an armory, Hayat told World Watch Monitor.

Sister Maria guided him to the library. But his careful search didn’t turn up what he was looking for and he called her back, noticeably upset. “There are no weapons here, just books,” the man shouted through the phone.

She explained the Bible is the sword of the Spirit and is able to change a person from the inside. “The Bible is the only weapon we use,” the abbess told him. “I encourage you to start reading it.”


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