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Most Americans still believe in God but fewer; Most Christians back homosexuality

A comprehensive study released by the Pew Research Center analyzing various questions surrounding Americans’ relationship with religion has found that adults continue to overwhelmingly believe in God, but that support is declining.

BeliefThe poll also found that a majority American Christians now support homosexuality.

Statistics from the 2014 Religious Landscape Study, which polled 35,000 American adults, found that 89 percent of the overall U.S. adult population believes in God, which is down from the 92 percent mark in 2007. …

Over 50 percent of Roman Catholics, Mainline Protestants, Orthodox Christians, and black Protestants all separately said that homosexuality should be accepted by society, but only 36 percent of Evangelical Protestants, 36 percent of Mormons, and 16 percent of Jehovah’s Witnesses agreed. In total, 54 percent of all Christians agreed with homosexuality being accepted by society, which is up by 10 points from 2007.


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