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    Northeast in deep freeze - and getting colder


    NEW YORK - Bitterly cold Arctic air continued to hang over the Northeast Friday, with wind gusts creating create wind chill conditions of 10 to 40 degrees below zero.

    Hundreds of public schools across the region were closed Friday and the bitter cold has also led to concerns about power blackouts.

    With high heating demands in homes and businesses across the Northeast, Vermontís governor and power companies in Connecticut warned on Friday that there could be rolling blackouts.

    New York state set a record for winter power usage Thursday and was expected to break it Friday, though power grid officials said there appeared to be enough electricity to meet the demand.

    Scores of flights were delayed or canceled at New York-area airports, and ferries linking New Jersey and New York City were iced in, forcing commuters to hop buses or find some other way to work. Two New York-area airports, La Guardia and Newark Liberty, reported more than 200 flights canceled on Thursday.