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    Snow, ice wreak havoc along East Coast

    By Roger Petterson

    A storm carrying the threat of heavy snow for the Northeast coated a wide swath of the East Coast in ice Tuesday, stopping trains, closing schools and courts, and knocking out electricity to a quarter-million people.

    At least 48 deaths have been blamed on snow, ice and cold from Kansas to the Carolinas since the weekend.

    While one low-pressure system pushed a wave of icy weather that stretched from Georgia into Maryland, another propelled snow across the Midwest and Great Lakes. Up to 27 inches of snow was possible in northern Michigan by Wednesday morning.

    The two systems were converging over the Northeast, threatening Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

    Nearly a foot of snow was expected in parts of New Jersey, with a chance of 15 inches in New York's Catskills.