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    Monster blizzard paralyzes eastern Canada

    TORONTO (Reuters) - Two of Canada's Atlantic provinces declared a state of emergency on Thursday after they were hit by a powerful blizzard that forced even snowplows to stay off the road.

    The Maritime provinces of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia were slammed by 26 inches of snow combined with winds of up to 60 mph, which made for whiteout conditions across much of the region.

    "Today's storm has practically shut down the entire province and it isn't over yet," said Ernest Fage, the minister responsible for emergency measures in Nova Scotia, which declared first-ever "Code Black," according to CBC News.

    The TransCanada Highway was closed and the 8-mile Confederation Bridge, which connects Prince Edward Island to the mainland was impassable.

    Flights were canceled, and schools, government offices and businesses were shut. Individuals were asked to stay off the roads as whiteouts and drifting snow made driving nearly impossible.