The World As We Knew It Has Been Left Behind
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    Nations of earth facing hard choices

    By Alex Kirby

    The world will have to choose between problems like ending hunger and tackling climate change because it cannot solve them all at once, a prominent Danish environmental writer says.

    The Danish author Professor Bjorn Lomborg says the world will have to make some hard choices in tackling its problems.

    Professor Lomborg, who three years ago wrote The Skeptical Environmentalist, says there is not enough money to do everything.

    He told BBC News Online he thought the rich countries should spend more on ending poverty and protecting the environment. He is holding a conference in May designed to decide which of 10 pressing global problems should be given priority.
    Difficult choices

    Professor Lomborg, director of Denmark's Environmental Assessment Institute, has invited nine leading economists, four of them Nobel prize-winners, to the conference, which is entitled Copenhagen Consensus 2004. It is being held in the Danish capital.