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    Website depicts Capitol in flames

    By Joseph Farah

    Radical British Islamist Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, never one to shy away from incitement, now maintains on his website a prominent picture of the U.S. Capitol in flames, reports Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

    The image runs under a headline promoting one of his conferences in London "How the Khilafah will be restored and man-made law destroyed."

    Bakri has boasted openly about exploiting the freedom of speech in the West as a weapon against it to "transform the West into Dar Al-Islam," or House of Islam.

    "I want to see the black flag of Islam flying over Downing Street," he has said.

    His al-Muhajiroun group is dedicated to this goal. How does he get away with such inflammatory rhetoric?

    "As long as my words do not become actions, they do no harm," he explains. "Here, the law does not punish you for words, as long as there is no proof you have carried out actions. In such a case you are still on the margins of the law, and they cannot punish you. If they want to punish you, they must present evidence against you, otherwise their laws will be in a state of internal contradiction."