The World As We Knew It Has Been Left Behind
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    Entire solar system undergoing change

    By Richard C. Hoagland and David Wilcock

    The entire solar system - not just our one small planet -- is currently undergoing profound, never-before-seen physical changes. This paper will address and scientifically document a wide variety of significant examples, drawing from a host of published mainstream sources.

    We will also outline a new scientific model that, for the first time, coherently explains these simultaneous interplanetary changes via a fundamental “new Physics” - a Physics that predicts “even greater anomalies to come”…

    Here are some highlights:

    Sun: More activity since 1940 than in previous 1150 years, combined

    Mercury: Unexpected polar ice discovered, along with a surprisingly strong intrinsic magnetic field … for a supposedly “dead” planet

    Venus: 2500% increase in auroral brightness, and substantive global atmospheric changes in less than 30 years

    Earth: Substantial and obvious world-wide weather and geophysical changes

    Mars: “Global Warming,” huge storms, disappearance of polar icecaps

    Jupiter: Over 200% increase in brightness of surrounding plasma clouds

    Saturn: Major decrease in equatorial jet stream velocities in only ~20 years, accompanied by surprising surge of X-rays from equator

    Uranus: “Really big, big changes” in brightness, increased global cloud activity

    Neptune: 40% increase in atmospheric brightness

    Pluto: 300% increase in atmospheric pressure, even as Pluto recedes farther from the Sun

    None of these statistics are from “fringe” scientists; they are all very, very real, and what you have just read is only the proverbial “tip of the iceberg.”