The World As We Knew It Has Been Left Behind
  • Collapse of Earth's magnetic field accelerates . . .
  • Europe plagued by snow and heat, Romanian death toll climbs . . .


    Climate warning from the deep

    By Julianna Kettlewell

    Strange things are happening in the North Sea. Cod stocks are slumping faster than over-fishing can account for, and Mediterranean species like red mullet are migrating north.

    Several sea birds are also in trouble. Kittiwake numbers are falling fast and guillemots are struggling to breed.

    And, earlier this summer, hundreds of fulmar (a relative of the albatross) corpses washed up on the Norfolk coast, having apparently starved to death.

    Scientists suspect these events are linked and they are trying to work out how.

    Nothing is certain yet, but some believe a dramatic change in North Sea plankton is responsible. And, what is more, they blame global warming.