Hong Kong man sells possessions, maxes credit cards to mark world’s end on Dec. 21

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December 21 marks the end of an era in the Mayan calendar and if, as some people warn, it coincides with doomsday, then at least one Hong Kong man will have no regrets.

Hong Kong skyline.

The 40-year-old man, who once worked in information technology and used to be caring to his family and prudent with his spending, sold his flat and possessions six months ago and spent all the money in having a whale of a time, his psychologist said. “He quit his job, sold his flat and traveled everywhere, eating at high-end restaurants and living in hotel rooms in anticipation of December 21,” Ng Siu-sun said.

The man used up all the credit in his bank cards and even borrowed money. Unable to change the man’s mind, his deeply worried family sought Ng’s help. “If doomsday doesn’t arrive, his accumulated debts will definitely become a nightmare,” Ng said. …

“Their behavior is the result of pressure,” Ng said. “Stop blaming them. They need more understanding and support from family members.”


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