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The Basics: Instruction Manual for Life on Planet Earth

This book makes no claim to ultimate wisdom or exclusive insights. It’s simply a compilation of things people should know if they don’t already, fundamental guidelines that can bring the universal quest for happiness within reach.

We live in an infinite universe, and each human being likewise has limitless potential. Constant awe at that realization prompted this offering to all who might benefit. Life on Earth is brief. When we leave it behind, the record of our life experiences for better or worse will be etched in the eternal Book of Life.

That said, let the future begin!

Published October 22, 2022

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What I Saw At The Second Coming: The Big Story

Who, really, was Sun Myung Moon, the Korean spiritual leader seen by his followers as the returning messiah? And what was his motive for spending billions in the late 20th century on a secular media empire that included The Washington Times?

My meetings with him, few and brief though they were, reinforced a conclusion reached as a “participant-observer” in his media companies from 1976 to early 2013: Sun Myung Moon understood the media challenge in the United States in ways his disciples whom he charged with running those newspapers struggled to grasp. It certainly went far beyond an exercise in large-scale public relations for a new religion.

What he envisioned was much more profound. After all it was the post-World War II mass media that had redefined reality for billions of people worldwide in ways that excluded God and the essence of Judeo-Christianity.

This book makes no effort to proselytize or persuade in matters of faith and Divine intervention. Such for each individual is the most personal, precious and essential knowledge. No, this is simply a record what I, a journalist, saw at the “Second Coming.”

Published April 25, 2023

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The News World of New York City: A Retrospective

The News World of New York City published its first edition on the last day of 1976 as an alternative to the New York Times and as the first daily newspaper in a publishing company that would later include The Washington Times.

The last serious broadsheet newspaper competing with the New York Times had been the New York Herald Tribune which ceased publication on April 24, 1966. As a left leaning “Newspaper of Record,” the New York Times had been unchallenged in the marketplace of ideas as the dominant influence on the national media including television and on U.S. politics and culture.

As a founding member of the editorial team at The News World, which was renamed the New York City Tribune in 1983, the author wrote this volume in 1977 as a thesis for his Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. His thesis committee recommended that he proceed from the unique vantage point of “Participant-Observer as Pediatric Historian”. The Thesis was titled: “The Making of a New Metropolitan Daily in New York: The News World”.

In addition to chronicling the newspaper’s launch, the thesis examined media trends and factors responsible for newspaper successes and failures in that era. It also compared The News World with the New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor. All three newspapers featured editorial idealism and character that traced to organized religion. The Times was established by a tightly-knit Jewish family, the Christian Science Monitor was inspired the Christian Science Church of Mary Baker Eddy, and The News World was founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon who was considered by many of his followers to be the returning Messiah.

Published April 4, 2023

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