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Having beaten the rap, John Edwards invokes God

John Edwards gave quite a speech Thursday in the wake of having been found not guilty on one count and gotten a mistrial on the other five counts that had been brought against him.  He talked about being a better parent, working with poor children, taking responsibility for the “awful things” he had done, and he even talked about God.  Yes, God.

Former U.S. Senator John Edwardsmakes a statement with his daughter, Cate Edwards (L), father Wallace Edwards, and mother Bobbie Edwards, right, at the federal courthouse in Greensboro, NC, May 31. / John Adkisson / Reuters

“I don’t think God is through with me,” Edwards said. “He still thinks there are good things I can do.” …

Does he think that he is so important that everything that has happened to him is really part of some Divine scheme?  Does believing that this was all meant to be, get him off the hook, if only in his own mind?  Is that what was motivating him when he invoked God’s plan? SEE COMPLETE TEXT.

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