Antarctica storm captured in live photos by exploration crew

A tremendous storm off the coast of Antarctica was captured by an impressive satellite image that shows the storm covering 3,500 square miles, according to Yahoo News.

The scene from M/S Expedition on March 6.
The scene from M/S Expedition on March 6.

Harsh storms aren’t anything new to Antarctica, but the impressive satellite picture posted by Simon Proud, an MIT professor, brought home the reality of what such a storm looks like from space. …

An exploration team in Antarctica, M/S Expedition, brings the reality of such a gigantic storm back to the ground, posting pictures of the weather swirling around the hull of its ship.

The large storm shows just how turbulent the southern ocean can be.

“Deep, intense storms are typical of the Southern Ocean, thanks to the intense temperature contrast between Antarctica and the ocean,” said senior meteorologist Jon Erdman on “Average wind speeds are the strongest anywhere on Earth.”


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