2003 Archives

March 3: War, Peace, and Rev. Moon / NASA solves half-century old moon mystery / Climate change scenario for the 21st century / A pollution scenario for 2070

March 10: Threat of war conjures visions of Armageddon / Asteroid threat: Questions, expert answers

March 16: Talking fish ‘miracle’ sets Jewish community abuzz / Greenland cools as world warms

March 21: Iraq’s environmental apocalypse / Sun’s output increasing, possibly fueling global warming

April 1: The demise of Europe: Demographic decline all but irreversible / Gallery of earth’s greatest catastrophes

April 3: Writer reflects on strange days afoot / Humanity creates its own mass extinction

April 21: Supernova warning: First ever accurate forecast of exploding star / New Quake threat found under L.A. / Will the Earth freeze to death?

May 5: Apocalypse Now: Sir Martin Rees: Prophet of doom? / Weblog: Newspapers miss real end-times story / Rising clouds leave forests high and dry

May 12: Record storms herald era of climate instability / Seawater ‘salt pump’ threatens drinking water

May 13: Feds identify likely sites for future water wars / Southwestern drought like recent one occurred before

May 14: Clean underwear alert: Earth to be rocked off its axis — today / U.S. set tornado record last week/ North Pole on the move

May 16: Sightings of ‘Gabriel’ linked to coming storm / Leading pastor warns of ‘doomsday distraction’/ War spurred west African HIV epidemic

May 19: Scientists alarmed over decline of largest fish / ‘End of the world’ postponed to next Thursday / Economic growth threatens Europe’s environment

May 20: WHO issues warning over new killer diseases / Climatologists give waterworld warning for earth / Coming hurricane season predicted busier than usual

May 21: La Nina is on its way, bringing rough weather / Study: California earthquake may be really big / Wealthy ‘must pay to save nature’

May 23: World ‘losing battle against extinctions’ / Eye on the planet: Global monitors can warn of climate changes

May 26: Near death experiencer: ‘The time now is very short’ / Gaia’s revenge? Sars linked to eating wild animals

May 27: If you’re reading this, the world didn’t end last Thursday / Three major earthquakes hit Asia on Monday / Attenborough warns of catastrophic extinctions

May 28: Sweeping civilization away in a single wave / Florida gets ‘brutal beating’ from rain, lightning / Nine inches of rain sweeps record away / Elephant latest casualty in Indian heat wave after 430 die

May 30: Viewpoint: Florida emerging as spiritual battleground / Polynesian atoll residents to be evacuated to higher ground / Global warming puts migratory birds in peril

June 2: Sign of the times? Shamelessness on the rise / Scorching weather claims 884 lives in southern India / Why the world’s taps are running dry

June 3: Death toll tops 1,000 in worst day of killer heat wave / Scientists study rising seas / Snow in June: Russians put bermuda shorts on hold

June 4: Is Sars a fullfillment of Biblical doomsday prophecy? / Hurricanes predicted to double / Greenpeace says Indonesia has world’s highest rate of forest loss

June 6: Global warming’s sooty smokescreen revealed / Fifteen percent of Russia badly polluted, says Putin / World’s underground water supply ‘running low’

June 9: Clues to violent weather in ancient tablets feared lost to looters / Planet X debunked in ‘bad astronomy’ website / Farm runoff linked to Barrier Reef damage

June 10: When humans almost became extinct / Monkeypox reaches West for first time / Growing number of diseases jump from exotic animals to humans

June 11: Seer’s mention of 2004 sparks apocalyptic specualtion / SCooperation needed to combat Asia’s killer air pollution: experts / Floods add to India’s woes as heatwave claims more lives

June 16: Books about the Apocalypse are hot in America / Floods displace 400,000 people in northeastern India / Plague of crickets devour crops, turn roads ‘blood red’

June 17: Western states face severe risk of summer wildfires / Choking haze from fires spurs environmental suit in Indonesia/ Cow breath, burps blamed for greenhouse gas

June 18: Mass extinction by meteor could happen again / Some believe E.U. constitution signals coming of Antichrist / Encroaching deserts threaten a billion people: U.N.

June 20: We’re all gonna die! A skeptical guide to doomsday / Pope defines ‘New Age’ as a marriage between God and man / Heat wave sparks forest fires across Portugal

June 23: Arizona wildfire grows by a third / Heat wave heightens suffering of Algerian quake victims / Forest fires force evacuation of hundreds from remote Ontario towns

June 24: Missing Iraqi uranium could make ‘dirty bombs’ / Japan plans missile defense to counter N. Korean nukes / Pollution from Russia ‘killing’ Baltic Sea

June 25: ‘Frightening’ levels of radioactivity found in Iraqi villages / New Zealand farmers fume over flatulence tax / Cheap oil a threat to rain forests, forestry group says

June 27: Demise of ancient Mayas a warning to modern man / Amazon rain forest destruction accelerates / Power cuts in Italy as heat wave drags on

June 30: ‘Unacceptable risk’ of chemical disaster in U.K. / Snowplows needed to clear ‘carpet’ of crickets / Soy bean fields hasten Amazon destruction

July 1: Flu feared as a bioweapon / At least 148 dead in China floods / Kyryzstan calls for urgent aid to avert nuclear risk

July 2: America’s natural gas supply running out / Floods displace 470,000 in northeastern India / Record cold in Moscow

July 4: Chemtrails — U.S.’ covert doomsday plan? / Scientist: Global warming caused by cosmic rays / Meteorologists confirm extreme weather on the rise

July 7: Chemtrails — U.S.’ covert doomsday plan? / Will East Coast vanish in 2880? / Floods leave 920,000 homeless in northeast India

July 8: Rich world breaking promises to poor / Floods leave 1.2 million homeless in India, Bangladesh / Biological apocalypse barely averted?

July 9: New warning from one who foresaw 9/11 / Greek capital sizzles in record heat wave / South Asia flood toll at 112, as 1.5 million displaced

July 11: Concerned citizens demand action on asteroid risk / Critical situation as River Po runs dry / Baked Alaska: Record heat hits Anchorage

July 14: U.S. economic crisis looms from gas shortage / Deadly horse disease rampages across East Coast / Italian bishop calls on churchgoers to pray for rain

July 15: Italy nears emergency as Europe suffers record heat / Record high temperatures in central Ariz., SE Calif. / Tibetans warn of environmental disaster

July 16: Swiss Alps crumbling in heat wave / Killer storms lash France / Eruption of mega-volcano seen in prophecy?

July 18: Nowhere safe as weather goes haywire / Caribbean coral suffers ‘phenomenal’ loss / Sinking La. faces increased danger from hurricanes

July 21: Apocalypse is the ‘now’ thing in entertainment / ‘Gender-bender’ threat to marine life/ South Aral Sea ‘gone in 15 years’

July 22: Watching out for Armageddon from the skies / British beaches ‘gone within 100 years’/ Forest fires scorch drought-ravaged Europe

July 23: Europe faces massive crop loss from drought / Polar bears threatened by pollution, retreating ice/ Strongest typhoon in years roars toward Hong Kong

July 25: Exceptions complicate global warming picture / Hail storm kills nine, flattens homes in northwest China/ Siberian forest fires cause record damage

July 28: Eruption could cause world-wide extinction / SE Asia faces ‘catastrophic’ extinction rate/ Serbia and Montenegro suffer worst drought in 100 years

July 29: Drought, heat wave gouge Europe’s economy / Canada climate change threatens Inuit way of life/ Forest fires ‘a new form of terrorism’

July 30: Satellite photos show shrinking Aral Sea / Indonesian volcano belches lava, top alert issued/ Destruction of ozone layer is slowing

August 1: Group offers funding for new energy technology / Ominous bulge in Yellowstone lake worries scientists/ Nations propose global climate change watch

August 4: Group offers funding for world-saving technology / Portugal to declare fire ‘calamity’/ Devastating drought in China leaves millions short of water

August 5: Group offers funding for world-saving technology / More die in Europe’s heat wave/ Canada fires rage on

August 6: Galactic dust storm enters Solar System / Locusts ‘like falling snow’ in Mongolia/ AIDS ‘like Armageddon,’ says UN health chief

August 8: Does heat wave signal global trend? / As Europe bakes, Atlantic gets colder/ West Nile virus cases triple in one week

August 11: West Nile Virus set for fresh rampage across U.S. / Heat ‘kills 50’ in Paris/ Pope prays for relief from heat

August 12: Prayer appears to avert violent weather / 100 reported dead in Paris heat/ Europe’s heat wave sears its way into record books

August 13: Global warming may have extraterrestrial cause / Despite record heat, some say ice age is coming/ Arctic ice cap will melt completely in 100 years: study

August 15: Researchers predict huge quake on Canada-U.S. border / Coral reefs ‘will die in decades’ unless protected/ Is Bush getting apocalyptic advice?

August 18: Can the world go on as it is? / Near-death experiencer predicted power grid failure/ France says death toll from heat wave could reach 5,000

August 19: Weird, wild weather stumps climatologists / Could asteroid usher in ‘last days’?/ Sun sends out a powerful geomagnetic storm

August 20: Mystic who foresaw 9/11 sees Iraq ‘catastrophe’ / Spanish heat toll reaches 1,000: report/ Undertakers report 10,400 more deaths than normal in France

August 22: Ozone hole nearing record size / Ecuador volcano rumbles to life/ Comoros volcano could erupt soon: scientists

August 25: Heat wave holds warning for farmers / Canadian forest fire devastation ‘incredible’/ Al Qaeda plots Sept. 11-style attack in Britain

August 26: Yellowstone may be heading for massive eruption / Strong quake rocks El Salvador, Guatemala/ Global warming fear for Seychelles

August 27: Soothsayers see doom in Mars closeness / Forest fires cause record damage in Portugal/ Earthquakes shake Los Angeles, Hawaii

August 29: Can we predict when Yellowstone will blow? / Deaths from Europe heat wave could exceed 15,000: estimates/ Violent storms lash France, Switzerland

Sept. 1: Deep-sea trawlers ravage ocean biodiversity / Deadly storms cause heavy damage in Italy/ UN forum told one billion threatened by bad water

Sept. 2: Methane thought responsible for mass extinction / Asteroid warning for 2014 downplayed/ Beaches shrink as sea level rises

Sept. 3: New theory on mass extinction blames oxygen drop / Earth hits ‘2,000-year warming peak’/ South China hit by worst typhoon in 24 years

Sept. 5: Mega-tsunami predicted in Atlantic / Melting Kazakh glaciers threaten political stability/ Freak weather spells misery for 12 million Chinese

Sept. 8: Al-Qaida issues a chilling warning / Global conference puts spotlight on environment/ 1,700 flee forest fires in Canada

Sept. 9: Fires ravage area the size of India: U.N. / Isabel grows into Category 4 hurricane/ Climate change threatens environment: WWF

Sept. 10: More asteroid scares likely / French heat toll rises to 15,000: funeral directors/ Isabel may reach Category 5

Sept. 12: People power enlisted to predict climate / Monster storm Isabel churns west/ Heat deaths estimated at 4,000 in Italy

Sept. 15: Does Isabel herald era of great storms? / Typhoon ravages S. Korea/ Report: Antarctic ozone hole sets record

Sept. 16: Astronomer predicts major Japan earthquake / Germany’s heat wave may have claimed 7,000 lives/ East Coast braces for Isabel

Sept. 17: Muslim apocalyptic writers see NY, Vatican destroyed / Farmer’s Almanac predicts extreme winter/ Antarctic ozone hole roars back big as ever

Sept. 19: Isabel leaves 13 dead, millions without power / Lions ‘close to extinction’/ Debate over how to rate asteroid danger

Sept. 22: Conditions ripe for more, bigger hurricanes / Strong quake rocks Tokyo, some injuries/ Malaria returns with a vengeance

Sept. 24: Report: Giant Arctic ice shelf breaks up / Huge unknown insects destroy 40 foot tree/ Europe had hottest summer for at least 500 years

Sept. 26: Scientists alarmed over acidity of oceans / Strong quake hits northern Japan/ French heat wave toll increased to 14,800

Sept. 29: Ukraine warns U.S. of nuke-terror threat / Italy goes dark in nationwide blackout/ Hurricane Juan kills two in Canada

Sept. 30: Signs: Darkness afflicts western world / Hundreds in India flee meteor strike/ Earth’s ‘ring of fire’ coming alive

Oct. 1: Scientists: global warming toll already high / Summer forest fires in France worst in 30 years/ Second wave of violent quakes hits Siberia

Oct. 3: Melting permafrost spells disaster for Siberia / Ocean changes: Subtle but serious/ Rash of flaming meteorites lights sky

Oct. 6: Analysis: Oil will run out ahead of global warming / Overfishing threat grows/ Mexico braces for triple hurricane whammy

Oct. 7: Quakes hit Japan again: scientist warns of more / World ‘not saving wild plants’/ Three hurricanes lash Mexico coasts

Oct. 8: Doomsday scenario: What if attack cripples Congress? / Floods strand 18,000 in central China/ Mystery blood clots felling U.S. troops

Oct. 10: Report warns of HIV catastrophe / Strong winds topple minaret, kill one in Turkey/ Quake rocks Philippines

Oct. 13: World could end in gas attack / Global warming grows gardens — and weeds/ Conference to focus on ‘end of the world’

Oct. 14: Scientists study Alaska’s catastrophic past / World’s sea-grasses ‘in peril’/ Scorcher costs EU farmers $16 billion

Oct. 15: Warming oceans linked to Sahel drought / Strong quake jolts Tokyo/ Air pollution leads to 1.5 million Asian deaths a year: WHO

Oct. 17: S. American glaciers melting fastest / Seven die in flooding in Algiers/ Strong earthquake rocks Southwest China

Oct. 20: Biologists: `sixth extinction’ is underway / Indonesian volcano increases activity / Death toll from Vietnam floods climbs to 39

Oct. 21: Lasers making sci-fi war a reality / Torrential rains kill 2, evacuate 800 in British Columbia / Missing near-earth asteroid found

Oct. 22: New data on blast that doomed Minoan culture / Record rain inundates Seattle / Scientists warn of cod extinction, urge fishing ban

Oct. 24: Arctic ice cap melting at worrying rate: NASA / Strong solar flare hits Earth / Prophecy tied to recent string of disasters

Oct. 27: Solar storm like 1859’s could be catastrophic / 14 dead in California wildfires / Cold snap in Germany sees record low temperatures

Oct. 28: Wildfire toll tops 1,500 houses / Sunspots continue to hurl blasts earthward / Yellowstone mercury pollution worries scientists

Oct. 29: Major solar storm begins onslaught of Earth / Fires cut power to 130,000 homes in California / Freeze adds to woes from two China quakes

Nov. 3: Sun more active than for a millennium / Africa drought may lead to food crisis / China’s underground water drying up

Nov. 4: What is happening to the Sun? / About 170 feared dead in flood blamed on logging / Experts baffled by starlings’ mass suicide dive

Nov. 5: Warm oceans eroding Antarctic ice: study / Latest sun flare largest on record / Washington quake of 1700 among biggest

Nov. 7: N. Korea envoy: nuke deterrent ready to use / Prophetic message seen in recent sun flares / Sumatra flood death toll tops 100

Nov. 10: New evidence of rapid climate catastrophe / Crowd gathers to ride ‘harmonic concordance’ wave / Falling grain production in China imperils food security

Nov. 11: Feds concerned about dirty bombs / Solar storms linked to quakes and volcanoes / Drought destroyed Egyptian civilization

Nov. 12: California preparing for drastic climate changes / Iran had foreign help in secret nuke research / Rise of anti-pope feared after John Paul II

Nov. 14: Freak hail storm batters California / Wildfires could worsen with global warming / Windstorms knock out power to 1.4 million

Nov. 18: Climate change bodes ill for Northwest / Paving Paradise: Tropical islands becoming ‘barren’ / Floods inflict heavy toll in Vietnam

Nov. 19: Explosive concerns at Yellowstone Park / China’s rising grain prices could signal global food crisis / Nature body warns of wildlife extinction threat

Nov. 21: Volcanoes linked to El Nino catastrophes / New evidence for killer asteroid / Another solar hurricane hits Earth

Nov. 24: Chemical terror plot foiled in London / Mystic saw U.S. destroyed by natural calamities / Forest fires soar in China

Nov. 25: U.N. says world hunger on the rise / Exxon rep: CO2 output to rise 50 percent by 2020 / … but Australian scientists say methane is leveling off

Dec. 1: Melting glaciers may leave billions thirsty / West coast fault produced level-9 quake in 1700 / Earthquake hits north-west China

Dec. 2: Near-death experience yields prophecy of coming storm / Scientist says Yellowstone bulge could mean explosion / Next flu pandemic could wreak global havoc, scientists warn

Dec. 3: New bug could be worse than 1968 Hong Kong flu / Marseille declared disaster zone as floods batter France / Scientists urge global cooperation on climate change

Dec. 5: Cracks in magnetic field let space storms in / Seven hurricanes predicted in 2004, three of them major / More than 27,000 people forced from homes in French floods

Dec. 8: The world is running out of oil / Scientist: Three large Indian cities face inundation / Surprise late hurricane may hit Haiti

Dec. 10: Sydney lifestyle unsustainable, report says / Earthquake reported in Virginia / Powerful earthquake rocks Taiwan, minor damage reported

Dec. 12: Flu outbreak hits fast and hard / Extreme weather predicted for Asia and Pacific / West’s policies ‘push Ethiopia towards famine’

Dec. 15: Experts warn of upcoming flu pandemic / Earth’s magnetic field weakens, may flip / Eight dead in Thailand floods

Dec. 16: Increased thermal activity reported in Yellowstone / ‘Dirty nukes’ missing from Russia / 10 die as cyclone hits south India

Dec. 17: Fujian flu deaths among elderly underreported / U.S. science body warns on climate/ 2003 third warmest year on record

Dec. 23: Powerful California quake kills two / Scientists predict monster quake in Northwest/ NASA links diesel soot to ice melt

Dec. 29: Death toll in Iran quake passes 20,000 / Al Qaeda terror blueprint exposed/ Did gamma ray burst cause ice age, extinctions?

Dec. 30: Iran quake toll may hit 50,000 / Abnormal cold kills 30 in Bangladesh/ Warning of imminent U.S. terrorist attack

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