Chinese worldwide defy CCP cult and its ‘surveillance state’ imposed after Tiananmen

Special to, November 29, 2022

As video from nationwide anti-lockdown protests in China goes viral, supporting demonstrations in New York, Toronto and other world capitals have erupted highlighting the distinction between the relatively small CCP cult and the Chinese people.

Meanwhile, the communist regime of Xi Jinping has deployed security forces in massive numbers to stop people on the street and demand to see their phones.

Scenes from China protests: CCP lockdown troops known as ‘Big Whites,’ left, Shanghai police grab, check phones on subway, center, and
Covid testing site torn down in Guangzhou, right.

Following its murderous suppression of the pro-democracy protests at Tiananmen Square in 1989, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rolled out its high-technology mass surveillance systems to control its restive population, according to former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe.

The video surveillance includes tens of millions of cameras using facial recognition software and voluminous databases.

The courageous protests against Xi and the CCP in open defiance of this Orwellian system are distinctive and unprecedented in the 33 years since Tiananmen.

According to social media posts from China, police in Beijing, Shanghai, and other major cities began patrolling the street and public transportation to examine citizens’ phones, looking for foreign apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram that are being used to circumvent China’s mass online censorship controls to shine a light on protests aimed at ending China’s zero-Covid approach.

Video that was circulating on U.S. social media showed Chinese armored personnel carriers in the city of Xuzhou, northeast of Shanghai, where protesters had gathered.

Arrests of protesters also were reported.

The Chinese Communist Party official outlet People’s Daily and the official Xinhua News Agency published stories defending the Covid restrictions, which have included mass lockdowns of cities and large quarantine camps.

The protesters are defying what former DNI John Ratcliffe said the CCP has engaged in “the largest, massive surveillance system in the history of the world” against its own citizens.

Ratcliffe told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday that Team Biden’s response to the protests was “late, slow, weak, and cowardly” but “not surprising” given that Joe Biden during the recent G20 summit passed on the opportunity to confront Xi on China’s allowing Covid to spread worldwide.

Meanwhile, House Republican leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy slammed Team Biden and the “corporate class” for being soft on China as protesters cry out for freedom against the ruling communist regime.

“As Chinese citizens bravely protest, Joe Biden & the corporate class shrug,” McCarthy tweeted.

McCarthy vowed to “reckon” with the ruling CCP when Republicans assumed control of the House in January.

“Our Select Committee on China will do what Biden refuses — finally reckon with the pariah that is the CCP,” he wrote.

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