Cosmic View, August 15, 2023: United Socialist States of America?

Special to, August 15, 2023


Today’s headline: Analysis: No longer the America we knew, that the world revered

“In the America in which we once lived, we didn’t try to lock up political opponents.”

Ben Weingarten, editor at large for RealClearInvestigations, wrote the above on June 23 after the Department of Justice’s 37-count indictment of former President Donald Trump.

The fragile fabric of the United States of America has been torn before but healed following the bloody Civil War. The slow-rolling coup which began in 2020 now threatens to end the essence of an incredibly prosperous and powerful Christian nation.

If as some have suggested we are in the midst of a communist takeover in the form of a one-party state, there will be no turning back. Already the academic and federal institutions are in the grip of the Left and does not tolerate conservatives or Christians. Most elected officials owe their status to election systems which have been decried by both political parties but like mail-in ballots appear to be here to stay.

Few on either side of the great divide doubt that Donald Trump would break the code if he returns to the White House. At this point the Left is showing the resolve to prevent this outcome by absolutely any means. Most Americans are trying to enjoy life and ignore the news. What happens if they wake up. What happens if they don’t?

Some believers insist God is control, that we are living through the prophecies in the Book of Revelations and that all is going according to plan. But God created His children in His image. They are not robots. They are free to choose. Such are the “great and terrible days of the Lord” whether in the days of Noah or on August 15, 2023

This column assumes as hypotheticals the substantial existence of God on Earth and the temporary reign of Satan as the “god of this world”. References: Holy Bible, Divine Principle, What I Saw at the Second Coming.

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