Cosmic View, August 24, 2023: A mug shot and the untapped power of positive thinking

Special to, August 24, 2023


Today’s headline: President Trump returns to Twitter (X) with his mug shot

“One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,” according to a 1918 newspaper advertisement for the San Antonio Light.

In the case of former President Donald Trump his mug shot in an Atlanta jail on Aug. 24, 2023 was worth much, much more than a mere thousand words. It was even worth his returning to Twitter (X) which had banned him shortly after Jan. 6, 2021 earning Trump’s contempt for the social media platform which endured until today.

In the eyes of his powerful enemies, nothing could be worse than for a proud man like Trump to be humiliated in the way that he was on Aug. 24 in Fulton County, Georgia. But that relatively tiny cabal don’t really know their enemy. Consider the publicly available advice Trump has offered to anyone who might be listening:

Worry, fear, and indecision destroy focus. To take charge of your life you must conquer fear. My advice is simply to zap every negative thought as soon as it shows its ugly face. Stop the indecisive internal dialogue before it starts. That is your biggest enemy. You can have enemies at your door, deal with financial crises, fight legal battles, and face the biggest difficulties in life, and none of these things will have any effect on you if you control your mental dialogue…. Keep focused on your goal and never give up. Besides, bad times bring great opportunities.

So that mug shot (worth a trillion words), accompanied by a headline: “MUG SHOT — AUGUST 24, 2023” and underneath a likely campaign slogan: “ELECTION INTERFERENCE / NEVER SURRENDER” will power Trump’s increasingly powerful movement in the days to come.

This column assumes as hypotheticals the substantial existence of God on Earth and the temporary reign of Satan as the “god of this world”. References: Holy Bible, Divine Principle, What I Saw at the Second Coming.

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