Cosmic View, November 7, 2023: Praying for murderous success to a God of Love?

Special to, November 8, 2023


Today’s headline3-page manifesto by Nashville trans shooter reveals anti-white prayer for ‘high death count’

Audrey Hale and the Hamas terrorists who crossed into Israel on Oct. 7, 2023 had one thing in common. They all prayed for success in carrying out their murderous missions.

To what demons or evil entities were they appealing?

Few believe they were praying to the Heavenly Father who loves all, especially those who need forgiveness.

In either case, it is the heart and spirit which most deeply motivates all to even give up their lives for a higher dimension than our earthly cubicles of time and space.

Without Christ (“the way, the Truth and the Life” John 14:6) prayers, no matter how fervent, may not reach beyond the “god of this world,” Satan. (II Corinthians 4:4)

This column assumes as hypotheticals the substantial existence of God on Earth and the temporary reign of Satan as the “god of this world”. References: Holy Bible, Divine Principle, What I Saw at the Second Coming.

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