Cruz linked to Mormon prophecy on the U.S. Constitution and the last days

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[The Salt Lake City Tribune, in the tradition of the modern U.S. press, buried the real news at the end of an article about support for Sen. Ted Cruz by prominent Mormons Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney.]
Sen. Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck. / Getty

Sen. Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck. / Getty

Beck said that he, like many Mormons, believes in a prophecy that the Constitution will hang by a thread in the last days. He said he believes that now is that time, and people like [Sen. Mike] Lee and Cruz will save it.

He also said the Book of Mormon was created as a guide on how to protect freedom in our day. At the Provo rally, many responded yelling, “I believe.”

Romney — who had been campaigning for any GOP presidential candidate except Donald Trump — did not appear at Cruz’s rallies, but endorsed him in a Facebook post on Friday. Cruz thanked him publicly for that on Saturday.


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