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Did a UFO sacrifice itself to stop meteor catastrophe?

International Business Times

In a twist to the Urals meteor strike in Russia, new footage has sparked claims that the space rock was blown up by a UFO.

In reports from the remote part of Russia where the meteor exploded in February, ufologists claimed they have discovered video evidence that shows the rock being struck by an object before it exploded….

Unidentified object was spotted near the meteor in this still from a video.

Unidentified object was spotted near the meteor in this still from a video.

More then 1,000 people were injured when the explosion scattered space rock on towns and villages in the frozen Chelyabinsk region.

Initial reports claimed the mystery object was a missile fired by the Russian military, but those claims have not been confirmed. …

Local UFO spotter Alexander Komanev told the Siberian Times: “At first, we also believed that the Chelyabinsk meteorite was just an ordinary meteorite, a cosmic body.

“But facts began to emerge. In the internet began to appear videos, at least three of which were similar, on which you can see how an object catches the meteorite.

“Such a number of videos, made from different angles, makes us believe that something blew up the meteorite.”


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