Global crime? Billions took experimental vaccine which did not undergo proper testing

Special to, February 15, 2022

According to Johns Hopkins University, the typical timeline for vaccine development “takes 5 to 10 years, and sometimes longer, to assess whether the vaccine is safe and efficacious in clinical trials, complete the regulatory approval processes, and manufacture sufficient quantity of vaccine doses for widespread distribution.”

The Covid vaccines were publicly declared to be “safe and effective” less than 8 months after the start of human clinical trials.

The “safe and effective” claim made by so-called health officials and pushed relentlessly by Big Media “was used as the basis for a worldwide campaign in which more than half of Earth’s inhabitants have been injected with experimental pharmaceuticals that did not undergo proper testing,” a columnist wrote.

“The phrase ‘safe and effective’ became the de-facto slogan of the planet-wide vaccination enterprise. Believing that the vaccines were ‘completely safe,’ billions of people willingly – and even enthusiastically – lined up to receive their Covid injections,” Vasko Kohlmayer wrote for The Covid World on Feb. 15.

On April 23, 2020, Germany launched the first clinical trial of Covid vaccines. On Dec. 2, 2020, the UK became the first country to authorize the use of the vaccine in the general population. The United States issued its emergency use authorization on Dec. 11, 2020.

“This means that the massive global vaccination campaign – which quickly reached a frenzied pitch – was launched less than 8 months from the start of the clinical trials,” Kohlmayer noted.

“After receiving full approval, vaccines continue to be carefully monitored for adverse events in case some vaccinal flaw may have escaped detection during the multi-year trial phase,” Kohlmayer wrote. “There have been a number of vaccines that were pulled from the market after they received full approval due to unexpected safety issues. Some of these include vaccines for Lyme Disease, Whole-Cell Pertussis and Rotavirus among others.”

For a vaccine to be justifiably declared “completely safe,” it “must undergo at least five years of intensive testing in clinical trials and then several years of monitoring as it is administered in populations at large,” Kohlmayer wrote.

Covid vaccines were declared “completely safe” after just 8 months of trials. “On the normal vaccine trial timeline, month 8 is in Phase 2 of the three-stage clinical trial regime,” Kohlmayer noted.

Less than 22 months after the beginning of the clinical trials, “the plurality of mankind” has been injected with the “inadequately tested products,” Kohlmayer wrote.

Normally, vaccine developers at 22 months would be gearing for Phase III of clinical trials. Phase III normally takes place between months 24 and 48 after the initiation of the trial process. This is how Johns Hopkins University describes what this stage is about: “Phase III clinical trials are critical to understanding whether vaccines are safe and effective.”

“Phase III is where we now find ourselves on the timeline of vaccine development. In the case of the Covid vaccines, however, the testing of Phase III is not being conducted on a selected group of volunteers but on the world’s population,” Kohlmayer wrote.

Under the normal schedule, the Covid vaccines Phase III trials would be completed in April of 2024.

As for the claim that the Covid vaccines are “safe and effective,” Kohlmayer wrote that is “not only unsubstantiated but outright false.”

Kohlmayer noted that reports of severe adverse reactions and deaths started pouring in soon after the jabs were being administered, (as the below chart from the VAERS database shows).

“In less than twelve months, the number of deaths related to the Covid injections exceeded the death total recorded in connection with all the other vaccines in the last thirty years,” Kohlmayer noted. “This is a gruesome count for vaccines that were supposed to be ‘completely safe.’ ”

Kohlmayer added: “Untold millions across the world have already suffered severe side effects from these injections in the short term. And we do not yet know what the medium- or long-term consequences may be because these vaccines have not been trialed for such time frames.

“The Covid-19 vaccination crusade is a global crime the like of which the world has not yet seen.

“Those complicit in this vast crime against humanity are the vaccine manufacturers, the leaders of the regulatory agencies, public health officials, and politicians. Also complicit is the media which endlessly amplified the ‘completely safe’ claim which became the mantra under which this enterprise has been carried out.”

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