God, Satan and Mother Earth on Super Sunday

Special to CosmicTribune.com, February 13, 2024

There was a football game at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday. The Super Bowl was a pretty good one, going into overtime with the Kansas City Chiefs prevailing over the San Francisco 49ers, 25-22.

Since every play is replayed and analyzed in real time, it is often what happens on the periphery that makes the headlines.

Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes

And there was a lot happening on the periphery on Sunday.

Following the victory, Chiefs MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes said before millions of viewers on live TV: “I just gotta give God the glory.”

Kansas City kicker Harrison Butker, who set a Super Bowl record with a 57-yard field goal, said: “I never thought I’d ever be on a stage like this, but here I am and I need to glorify God for that.”

Chiefs’ owner and CEO Clark Hunt said: “I want to thank the Lord for giving us this opportunity.”

Hollywood leading man Mark Wahlberg took time out to lead a prayer during a Super Bowl ad for the Catholic prayer app Hallow on Sunday night. Alongside Jonathan Roumie, who plays the role of Jesus Christ on the highly successful show “The Chosen” and is also seen in the ad, Wahlberg focused on a message of thanksgiving and family:

“God, we take this moment just to give you thanks,” Wahlberg says in the ad, as the camera shows people praying in various scenarios, such as the family setting and deployed soldiers. “Join us in prayer this Lent on Hallow. Stay prayed up.”

The Hallow ad was message of prayer, family, and thanksgiving starkly contrasted with the other Christian-themed ad that ran during the Super Bowl. Taking the Biblical occurrence of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, He Gets Us ran an ad showing Christians and others washing the feet of overtly gay men and women at an abortion clinic.

“A white person washing feet at an abortion clinic, funded by Christians. This is what infiltration of Western Christianity looks like,” Human Events editor Jack Posobiec wrote on X.

Meanwhile, the 9-year-old Chiefs fan Deadpsin smeared as a racist got the last laugh as he made it to the Super Bowl. Holden Armenta, who is Native American, wore his face paint and a native headdress.

And, of course, much attention was paid to Taylor Swift. While legacy media fawned over the pop star, few reported that she had flown from Tokyo to Las Vegas in her carbon-spewing private jet. If Swift flies 14,000 miles from Tokyo to Las Vegas to Melbourne, where she’s set to continue her own Eras Tour on Feb. 16, it is estimated the trip could “burn about 8,800 gallons of fuel and create about 90 tons of carbon emissions.” That’s much, much more than the average American will produce in a year.

Mashable.com noted that “Swifties are saying that she isn’t the worst celebrity when it comes to CO2 emissions. ‘Other celebrities fly more!’ they argue, citing questionable data from Pop Factions. ‘How else is she supposed to get around?’ they question. The second question is fair. Swift simply cannot take a commercial flight. But critics argue that the problem isn’t that she has a private jet, it’s how often she uses it. For instance, her jet recently logged a 13-minute flight from Cahokia/St Louis, Illinois, to St Louis, Missouri, releasing an absurd amount of CO2 that could have been reasonably avoided with a 40-minute drive.”

Back to the actual game, and Posobiec pointed out: “Aint nobody talking about Mecole Hardman today. He caught the winning TD of the Superbowl after *somebody* dropped theirs when they had the chance. Why is that?”

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