Klaus Schwab: Humanity must be ‘forced into collaboration’ with globalist ‘stakeholders’

Special to CosmicTribune.com, June 8, 2024

All of humanity needs to be “forced into a collaboration” with globalist elite “stakeholders,” World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab said at the WEF’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions in China in late June.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab / X

In order to drive the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” forward, those “stakeholders” must aggressively push their agenda on the world population, Schwab said at the event which is often referred to as the “Summer Davos.”

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“To drive future economic growth we must embrace innovation and force the collaboration across sectors, regions, nations, and cultures to create a more peaceful, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future,” Schwab said.

Schwab, the architect of the so called “Great Reset,” added: “At this critical juncture the active participation of all stakeholders is essential to ensure a sustainable development path.”

Another topic pushed by Schwab at the New Champions meeting was “limits to growth,” which many have interpreted as an endorsement of depopulation.

Schwab has in recent years said that he envisages humankind transitioning into a new age where there will be a “fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological dimensions” in a “new world.”

The WEF founder has previously declared that this new era of integration with “digital technologies” will mean that “you do not even have to have elections anymore.”

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